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BSA MT Council
Community Partner Award 2015
Boy Scouts of America Montana Council
BSA MT Council
Northwest Mining Assocation, 2011
Platinum Award for Corporate Excellence. For outstanding stewardship of the land protecting unusual bentonite formations and reclaiming mine sites.
BSA MT Council
BLM Hardrock Mineral Environmental Award, 2010
US Dept of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management. The BLM Hardrock Mineral Environmental Award highlights sustainable development relating to environmental stewardship. (Pictured Hal Quinn with National Mining Association; David Brown, Greg Sweetser, and Rick Magstadt of Wyo-Ben; and BLM Director Bob Abbey)
BSA MT Council
Circle of Honor, 2005-2014
United Way of Yellowstone County.
BSA MT Council
Montana Family Business Award, 2008
Montana State University. In recognition of over 50 years in business; diversification and growth through hardships; multi-generational involvement; being proactive and innovative; and significant contributions to education and community.
BSA MT Council
National Ground Water Association, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2014
Distinguished Partner. "Together We're Better."
BSA MT Council
North American Society for Trenchless Technology, 2006
15th Anniversary Award. In recognition of Wyo-Ben's significant contributions to the trenchless technology industry.
BSA MT Council
IMA-NA Sustainable Development
ndustrial Mineral Association - North America. For commitment to sustainable development through efficient use and recovery of natural resources and the search for alternative supply sources.
BSA MT Council
Excellence in Surface Mining, 2000
State of Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality.
BSA MT Council
Wildlife Habitat Reclamation and Stewardship Award, 1999
Wyoming Game and Fish Department. In recognition of outstanding achievement and cooperation toward the enhancement and sharing of habitat for wildlife and people.
BSA MT Council
Safety Awards
Wyo-Ben's foremost commitment is to the safety of its workers. Our accomplishments include an accumulation of more than 17 safety awards.