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  • Products used in the construction industry including caisson drilling, foundation, liners, caps and slurry cut-off walls.
    Drilling fluids for HDD, oil and gas drilling, water and mineral exploration, and grouting.
    Specially sized sodium bentonite products for absorbing, binding, suspending, plasticizing, sealing and other uses.
    Clay-based technology to address waste stream issues such as emulsified oils, heavy metals and suspended solids.
    A variety of test equipment to maximize the efficiency of your drilling mud.


Billings, MT – Wyo-Ben® Inc., a leading provider of drilling fluids to the Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) market, today announced a new FREE mobile app designed to help HDD crews better utilize drilling fluids on the jobsite, increasing productivity and profitability. The free app, developed in response to customer feedback, includes usage guidelines, cross-reference tools, and several valuable calculators.

“Customers value the expertise Wyo-Ben offers on the jobsite,” said Tyson Smith, technical sales engineer. “This new app takes some of the most commonly requested information and makes it available right on the user’s phone.”

Available for both Apple® and Android™ mobile devices, the app features a user-friendly interface for quick and easy use on the jobsite. The information it provides enables HDD crews to make informed decisions throughout the drilling process, getting the most performance from their drilling fluid and drill, for more productive, more profitable bores.

Among the most requested features on the app are the many calculators in both imperial and metric. Those calculators include:

Hole Volume Calculator

  • Calculates the volume within a bore hole to abandon/plug a bore hole or casing.
  • Calculates the annular volume for grouting the annulus.

HDD Drilling Fluid Calculator

  • Calculates the volume of products required for a HDD bore.

Annular Velocity Calculator

  • Calculates the air or mud velocity in an annular space based on the size of the annulus and the CFM of air or GPM of mud being pumped through the annulus.
  • Verifies that sufficient air or mud is moving up the annular space to properly clean the hole without causing the hole to be blown out/washed out.

HDD Back Reaming/Pump Volume Calculator

  • Calculates the required amount of fluid to be pumped based on the bore specs and the formation being drilled.

Fluid Weight Up and Volume Increase Calculator

  • Calculates the amount of Barite needed to increase drilling mud weight and the increase in volume seen due to the barite addition.
  • Weighted mud is used to hold back artesian flow while drilling.

Bottoms-up Calculator

  • Calculates the time it takes for drilling fluid to be pumped from the bit to the top of the hole.
  • This information tells you when to take a sample at the surface to see what is happening at the bottom of the bore at a given depth.

The Wyo-Ben app is available at no cost in the App Store® and on Google Play. For more information on the app and Wyo-Ben products, please visit www.wyoben.com or contact your local distributor.    

Wyo-Ben, is a privately held, family-owned business.  We have been in business since 1951, and are a leading producer of Wyoming Bentonite Clay based products. Our materials are used globally in applications such as oil, gas, water well drilling, environmental construction and remediation, hazardous waste treatment, cat litter, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, as well as many other industrial and consumer related products. Headquartered in Billings, Montana, Wyo-Ben mines from its reserves in the Big Horn Basin region of Wyoming and processes a multitude of products from its three plant facilities which serve a global marketplace. 

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