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Mud School

Mud School for 2019 is scheduled for September 9-13. 

Registration Information Contact us at 800.548.7055 or email@wyoben.com for registration information.

The MUD SCHOOL objective is to address the basics of Drilling Fluid technology. Participants will understand how drilling mud can contribute to a smooth drilling operation, whether drilling vertically or horizontally.  Clay chemistry, fluid dynamics, polymer usage, as well as grouting and hole abandonment will be discussed. The purpose is not to make “mud engineers” out of  attendees, but rather to give them the mechanics for manipulating drilling fluids as a tool to achieve the most productive results! 

Registration fee is $1,600.00 per person which includes lodging Sunday night through and including Friday night. Transportation and meals are provided Monday through and including Friday.

All lectures, discussions and small group exercises are conducted in English. Because collaboration is vital to the success of Mud School, all participants must be proficient in written and spoken English.

General Agenda (subject to change)

Monday, September 9 - WYO-BEN Corporate Office, Billings, MTWyo-Ben Mud

  • Bentonite 101
  • Drilling Fluids: Their Purpose & Make-up
  • Common Drilling Conditions & Problems
  • Drilling Demonstrations

Tuesday, September 10 - WYO-BEN Corporate Office, Billings, MT

  • Polymer Additions & Alternatives
  • Solids Control

Wednesday, September 11 - WYO-BEN Greybull & Lovell Plants, WY

  • Tour Mines & Plants

Thursday, September 12 - WYO-BEN Greybull Plant, WY

  • Grouting & Hole Abandonment
  • Outdoor Practicum: Hole Sealing & Grouting

Friday, September 13 - Cody, WY and Billings, MT

  • Theoretical Drilling Operation & Mud Programming