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  • Products used in the construction industry including caisson drilling, foundation, liners, caps and slurry cut-off walls.
    Drilling fluids for HDD, oil and gas drilling, water and mineral exploration, and grouting.
    Specially sized sodium bentonite products for absorbing, binding, suspending, plasticizing, sealing and other uses.
    Clay-based technology to address waste stream issues such as emulsified oils, heavy metals and suspended solids.
    A variety of test equipment to maximize the efficiency of your drilling mud.
A family-owned business since 1951, Wyo-Ben is a leading manufacturer of Wyoming Bentonite Clay based products. Wyoming Bentonite is regarded as the highest quality bentonite in the world.  Our materials are used globally in applications such as oil, gas, and water well drilling, metalcasting, environmental construction and remediation, hazardous waste treatment, cat litter, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, as well as many other industrial and consumer related products.

Headquartered in Billings, Montana, Wyo-Ben mines its reserves from the Big Horn Basin region of Wyoming. Here we operate three processing facilities serving the global marketplace.
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